[asterisk-users] Customize host in INVITE's Contact header?

Yoann Aubineau yoann.aubineau at wengo.fr
Wed Sep 13 06:29:59 MST 2006

Hi list,

I've got to be honnest and admit that I don't know the SIP-related RFC's
by heart. So my question may seem completely heretic to some of you.

What I want to know is whether it's possible to set, somewhere in
Asterisk's configuration files, the host part of the Contact header for
INVITE messages sent by Asterisk.

Currently (I use Asterisk version 1.2.8), I get:
|	Contact: <sip:myexten at local_ip_address>

but instead I'd like Asterisk to send:
|	Contact: <sip:myexten at what_i_told_it_to_put_here>

Is this:
1) possible with Asterisk 1.2.8?
2) possible with more recent Asterisk releases?
3) planed for future development?
4) RFC compliant?

In case some of you are interested, I've already got a quirk-and-dirty
patch of my own, against chan_sip.c, to implement that feature. But I
suspect there is something wrong with it: either it could have been
achivied otherwise without having to patch anything, or this patch may
break compatibility stuff that I'm not aware of... See attached file for
more details.

Yoann Aubineau
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