[asterisk-users] Asterisk and "305 Use Proxy"

Wolfgang Hottgenroth woho at hottis.de
Wed Sep 13 04:23:09 MST 2006


I'm wondering how to configure asterisk the right way to handle "305 Use
Proxy" correctly.

I've asterisk sitting as registrar and rtp-proxy and so on in front of
two opensers. These both opensers redirect INVITEs as soon as their load
is beyond a configure limit to each other. And they increase the port to
use for every redirect.

So, the first INVITE goes to openser 1 on port 5060, which redirects to
openser 2 and requests port 5061 to be used in the Contact header (cp.
RFC 3261, #21.3.4). When this proxy in turn redirects, it requests port

When asterisk receives the first redirect, it repeats the INVITE
perfectly using the new URI from the Contact header out of the 305
response. When it then receives the second redirect, now with port 5062
in the Contact header, it repeat the INVITE again, using the address
from the Contact header, but not using the port from the Contact header,
instead it uses the default port 5060.

Find a snippet from my config below.

Does anyone have a hint for my to configure asterisk to handle this
situation RFC conform?


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