product annocements [was: Re: [asterisk-users] Finally a VoIP GSM Gateway single port..]

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On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 03:45:57AM +0800, Sam Tam wrote:


Would you have any idea about the content of the message from the

Some people believe that annoucements of new products related to Asterisk 
are on-topic in this list. In such a case they should follow some simple
rules in order to be useful to the lists readership:

1. Informative and descriptive subject

I would like to find the message later on. It should include the name of
the company and the name of the product(s).

2. Useful details first, press release later

This is a non-commercial list. Please be informative. Be sort on
superlatives. A direct link to a page describing the product (that
should remain over time) is also a bonus.

The message I was replying to basicaly followed (2) but not (1).

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