[asterisk-users] Switch Experiences

Ben Gore ben at cleocat.com
Tue Sep 12 13:53:19 MST 2006


I'm would like to get feedback before finalizing design of a VOIP 
network, in particular about people's experience with network (primarily 
10/100/1000 twisted pair) ethernet switches.

I have a number of candidates in mind, but I would like any and all 
opinions and suggestions on the following topics:

-Throughput/minimal latency/delays;
-Managed vs unmanaged;
-Redundant links/auto healing;
-Redundant power supply;
-Configuration of port attributes (i.e. locking 10 M/b interface to 10 
M/b instead of leaving in AUTO);
-Resistance to Electrostatic/Electromagnetic/RF energy;
-Shielded vs unshielded ports & cables;
-Any other relevant information.

The reason for asking is there seems to be a significant amount of 
disagreement about a number of these issues from a variety of "experts", 
while there's a considerable amount of experience on this list in these 

Suggestions of specific manufacturers and models welcome if you've had 
good luck with them.


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