[asterisk-users] g729 problem

Thomas Kenyon digium at sanguinarius.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 09:14:36 MST 2006

o o wrote:
> Thomas,
>    Thanks for your help so far. I finally figured out
> where 'debug level 10' dumps to. In reading the logs
> there, it's telling me I'm out of licenses. I'm not a
> math wizard by any means, but I would assume with g729
> on the GXP-2000 and on the IAX trunk, I would only
> need 1 license to transcode my IVR prompts to the
> incoming caller.

Well, first-off it would be a good idea to re-encode them to g.729.
If you are using trunk then there is a convert tool for this, failing
that you can use the tool on.


The ast-linux site can provide you with all the default prompts
re-encoded (well, re-recorded then encoded).

> However, it seems to use all 6
> available, and never releases them, even after hanging
> up the call. I haven't found a way to see what
> process(s) are using each license instance.

If you are using monitor/mixmonitor or a meetme room you will run out of
licenses very quickly as both applications will need to transcode the
stream to slin and bakc again.

> I
> downloaded the re-recorded set you referenced, and I
> can hear the default system prompts, but all my
> previously recorded prompts are null because of the
> 'out of license' issue. For the recording, even with
> console verbosity set to 16, the out of license
> messsage was never logged to the console,

Strange, maybe this behaviour changed in later versions (It's been a
while shice it happened to me).

> only to the
> debug text. I'm off to find a way to transcode my
> custom prompts into g729 (or get the freepbx recording
> interface to do so for new prompts)

See above.

> but if someone can
> help me determine why * thinks I need more than 6
> licenses for a single incoming call I would appreciate
> it. TIA
Which applications are running alongside the call?

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