[asterisk-users] Problems getting 7970G upgraded to SIP

Jason Lixfeld jason+lists.asterisk at lixfeld.ca
Tue Sep 12 08:34:15 MST 2006

I have a 7970G with Skinny (Load File: TERM70.5-0-3-0S) on  
it and I'd like to get it up to 8.x.

- With the SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml in place (which was taken from voip-info  
under "This worked for me...")), I get "Load ID Incorrect" on the  
phone display after it boots.

The loadInformation line in the SEP file reads like this:


- If I remove the SEP file, the phone requests XmlDefault.cnf.xml.  I  
create the xml file based on the example from the same link above,  
the phone grabs the file, but doesn't upgrade.  It just sits in a  
loop of: release IP => renew IP => look for SEP, fail => look for  
XmlDefault, find and load XmlDefault => release IP...  The  
loadInformation line in the XmlDefault.cnf.xml file reads like this:

<loadInformation6 model="IP Phone 7970">SIP70.8-0-4SR1S</ 

- Here are TFTP server logs to illustrate that I'm using the correct  
case'd XmlDefault.cnf.xml file:

Sep 10 21:57:55 bubbles  tftpd[89195]: jalc7970.sip : read request  
for SEP00131A4D39F4.cnf.xml: File not found
Sep 10 21:57:55 bubbles  tftpd[89197]: jalc7970.sip : read request  
for //XmlDefault.cnf.xml: success

- All the files from the .cop are 100% unmodified.  I just tar -zxvf  
cmterm-7970_7971-sip.8-0-4SR1.cop and the files are extracted into  
the tftpd root directory, which is the same place the SEP and  
XmlDefault file are located.

Anyone have any ideas?

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