[asterisk-users] Deploying an IVR - direct extensions.conf or AGI scripts?

Marco Mouta marco.mouta at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 07:16:59 MST 2006

Hi all,

I'm developing an IVR that will have to make some MYSQL queries and diferent
DTMF menus. Preventing already my development effort, future I plan to
deploy my own website where users can build their own IVR.

Would you recomend me to make it with Realtime Extensions, do it directly in
extensions.conf  and for queries and something else use AGI scripts, or you
recomend me to build specific AGIscripts with IVR menus inside (this looks
very limited for future WebConfig interface)?

What is your advice, concerning with your experience.
Best regards,

Marco Mouta
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