[asterisk-users] Dell hardware ...

Brodie Macleod asterisk at apollohosting.com
Tue Sep 12 07:12:59 MST 2006

I'm using a Dell SC1430 that includes the Intel NIC and don't have any 
problems at all. Also using a TE210P and TDM400P w/ 4 FXS in the box.  I've 
never had to reboot the box or restart Asterisk (except for kernel upgrades 
and * upgrades of course).


On Monday 11 September 2006 05:12 pm, Alan Bunch wrote:
> I was going to use a Dell 1425 for Asterisk build but I see on Digium's
> website that hardware may be problematic.  Can anyone shed a litle more
> light on the problem.   I see the Intel ethernet cards seem to cause
> problems.  If I need to disable the onboard Intel on the Dell hardware I
> can I just need to know what to expect.
> How about the 850, any word there  ?
> Alan
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