[asterisk-users] Features.. phone vs. asterisk?

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Tue Sep 12 06:33:30 MST 2006

I tried a lot of SIP and IAX softphones looking for ones I liked, noticing 
some have certain features and others did not. For things like call 
transfer, call park, group pick-up, line presence, and all those kinds of 
extras I have a bit of confusion on where it is implemented?

Are these functions that Asterisk handles and the phone just "triggers" 
them with some out-of-band signal or DTMF sequence? Or does some of this 
rest on the phone itself? (Here is where I would love TFM to R. :) Just 
having a hard time finding what to read.)


Nick Ellson
MCSE 2000, Security+, Network+
Network Hobbyist, VFR Private Pilot.

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