[asterisk-users] Re: MSSQL connection

Tomislav Parčina tparcina at lama.hr
Mon Sep 11 23:32:53 MST 2006

In article <4501FFE6.7070300 at mercury.net>, kevin.smith at mercury.net says...
> Hi everyone,
> I am looking to log CDR records to our MSSQL database for further 
> examination on the records. From what I gathered from the wiki I have to 
> choose between FreeTDS and unixODBC. Is there a better choice? Which 
> option would be better in the log run?

Hi Kevin!

I'm using unixODBC drivers for storing cdr data to MSSQL 2000 database. It's working on two different systems.

Your problem could be that in database you have defined domain user instead of system user. And you have granted rights for that domain user. Anyway, that was my problem. Maybe you have make the same mistake :))

One thing about unixODBC. I'm looking for information how long does unixODBC holds data if it's unable to send it to MSSQL server? 

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