[asterisk-users] question...

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Mon Sep 11 19:55:21 MST 2006

Christopher Corn wrote:
> i plan on buying 4 residential lines for our small office and i was 
> giving some thought. we'd like to have one main number that can transfer 
> calls to the other lines. but seeing that i have 4 different individual 
> lines with different numbers, im not seeing hows thats possible, without 
> tying up a line on the main phone. i would think i would need one DID 
> with multiple simultaneous connections.

Two ways to accomplish the objective.

1. ask the telco about four lines in a trunk group (or sometimes 
referred to as a rotary hunt group).

2. Subscribe to call forwarding on each line, and program each line for 
"call forward on busy" to the next line of the four. It will accomplish 
the same thing as the trunk group approach above.

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