[asterisk-users] question...

Brent Franks brentasterisk at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 18:59:08 MST 2006

> i would think i would need one DID with multiple
> simultaneous connections.

Hello, you can't setup a DID per se on an analog line.

Essentially what you want is 4 regular POTS line in a hunt group.

The first channel will be your incoming number.  If busy, it will roll
to line 2, line 3, etc until it finds an open line.  This is done by
your telco.  You'll have the last line roll over to the first line.

In the event that all 4 lines are in use, callers will hear a busy
signal, or if you have telco supplied voicemail, they'll get your
Telco voicemail.

For dial out, you will want to start dialing out in descending order
(in order to prevent a thing called Glare).  Use a capital "G" in your
dialplan to dialout in descending order.

You'll also probably be better off getting SIP phones for your
internal phones, because calling between them will not tie up a line,
and you won't run into IRQ issues with cards. as you'll just need one

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