[asterisk-users] g729 problem

Thomas Kenyon digium at sanguinarius.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 17:04:12 MST 2006

o o wrote:
> Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I
> have the following setup:
It is worth noting, that if you have a console open and you run out of
licenses, (I don't know at which verbose level this is) You are made
very aware of it.

IIRC roughly 10 messages a second warning you t hat you have run out of

Also, it is a very good idea to re-encode any voice prompts etc. into
g729 (if you are looking for transcoded defaults, a rerecorded set can
be downloaded from astlinux.org in the AstLinux, Downloads, Extras,
Sounds section).

As for the original problem, have you looked at the console output with
the debug level set high?

Have you looked at any debug/syslog output from the Handsets?

Have you captured any debug output from sip debug ..... etc.?

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