[asterisk-users] Weird (bri)stuff 0.3.0-PRE-1s

Remco Barendse asterisk at barendse.to
Mon Sep 11 12:14:07 MST 2006

Hi list!

I was using bristuff-0.3.0-PRE-1s with florz patch but where normally the 
TEI check request message were I was getting errors. 

Concerned about that I switched to plain vanilla bristuff.

Now everything *seems* to be working without errors but I regulary get 
reports from people trying to call me that they get a signal that the 
number is not in use or is disconnected.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?

I'm running bristuff-0.3.0-PRE-1s on Centos 4.4 x86_64 with kernel 

I tried setting acpi=off but then the box fails to boot and barfs up a 
kernel panic.

Thanks for any hints / tips!

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