[asterisk-users] using residential voip for business?

Tim St. Pierre tim at communicatefreely.net
Mon Sep 11 09:35:45 MST 2006

They do this because business customers tend to use more minutes than 
residential customers, and an unlimited plan is always an ESTIMATION of 
usage.  It costs them for every minute you use, so they try to sell 
residential customers a block of time, and call it unlimited, which it really 
isn't (read the fine print).  I have found that unlimited plans VERY rarely 
cost less than paying per minute in any situation.  Do the math.


On September 10, 2006 19:42, Christopher Corn wrote:
> I spoke to a voip provider today who mentioned that though they offer an
> unlimited plan, if we use it for a business and it is over-utilized, it
> will be canceled.
>   is this true for all residential voip plans? i have a small office of
> about 4 or 5 phones. i tend to chose residential plans because they have
> the unlimited offer for outgoing/incoming.
>   thx

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