[asterisk-users] Asterisk Realtime Arch - static or realtime?

Benjamin Jacob benjamin.jacob at masconit.com
Mon Sep 11 05:16:33 MST 2006

Rushowr wrote:

>Benjamin Jacob wrote:
>>Hello ppl,
>>Wanted to know your experiences, if you've worked with Asterisk Realtime
>>Which one do you prefer, static or realtime?
>>I personaly think, the static architecture is a better solution, cuz, in
>>the realtime config, to check the dialplan(n hence the sql database) for
>>each and every call, will be expensive. With the static architecture,
>>you reload only when required(which practicaly will not be happening too
>>Care to share your experiences?
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>Personally, I use realtime for a LOT of the configuration and whatnot,
>but I don't touch the dialplan with RT. That being said, I'm personally
>fairly happy with the realtime support.
>Example system:
>Recent Trunk of both Asterisk and MySQL addons, large AEL2 dialplan,
>primarily SIP system.

So you are using the flat file extensions.conf  for your dialplans??
If so, isn't it a pain to keep editing that file, when the need arises?

I too liked Realtime, for sip friends etc.


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