[asterisk-users] TE411P or TE412P?

Rob Lith rob at connection-telecom.com
Mon Sep 11 05:04:20 MST 2006

Tony, the VPM450 is far better than the TE411P's VPM400. One main thing is
that is has full 128ms tails on all spans whereas the VPM400 shared 128ms as
you used more spans, and second is the Octasic chip makes the sound real
crisp and clear.

For the moment, if you need FAX tone detection, you will need to use '
vpmdtmfsupport=0' in your module configuration for loading the
wct4xxpmodule; this will not disable the echo canceler, just stop using it
for tone detection.

Otherwise tone detection should work fine with vpmdtmfsupport=1 ?


On 11/09/06, Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.clara.co.uk> wrote:
> I believe the TE412P is intended to supersede the TE411P. What, if any,
> are the advantages of the TE412P over the TE411P? Apart from the
> disadvantage that the hardware DTMF detection doesn't work on the TE412P
> (will that be fixed in the future?)
> My UK supplier can supply both cards, but the TE412P is £200 more
> expensive.
> Is there any reason it would be worth paying the extra for the 412?
> Cheers
> Tony
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