[asterisk-users] Call Processing Slow 11 seconds

G.Jacobsen g_jacobsen at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 11 00:55:48 MST 2006

You could disable dialing altogether unless they press hash - that way they would learn about the hash key feature pretty quickly :-)

Unfortunately I dont see an easy solution since a dialplan covering all possibilities may be too complicated.



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  Yes that works. I'm using Linksys adapter, is there a code I can put in the dial plan to prevent users from putting # after the number? I have a lot of people on the server and cannot ask them all to be pushing # after every call. Thanks for the tip and any help will be appreciated.

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    In case you use an adapter or voip phone: Did you try to press hash # after the number ? - then the adapter/voip phone dials immediately and doesnt wait for the next digit timeout.



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      I'm having some slowness issue with Asterisk. When a number is dialed it takes 11 seconds before it rings out. I been considering using openser for the call processing and leaving asterisk for voicemail and conference bridge. I get a dialtone rightaway when the receiver is picked up but after dialing the number but within asterisk extensions and pstn numbers takes 11 seconds before ringing out. Anyone else experiencing this. I use Asterisk 1.2.3


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