[asterisk-users] using residential voip for business?

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Sep 10 20:04:03 MST 2006

Rushowr wrote:
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> Christopher Corn wrote:
>> thanks for the reply. why are residential lines cheaper than businesses?
>> say for unlimited, it always costs more for residential.
>> */Michael Graves <dickson at covad.net>/* wrote:
>>     I'd just use a service that's being offered to business
>>     customers...like Nuvio's nPBX. While they don't support Asterisk
>>     directly some of their resellers will support using *. I've used it
>>     for about 6 months and its been very reliable. The only annoying
>>     thing is that they only support SIP connections. The rumour is that
>>     they may eventually offer an IAX2 based account for Asterisk
>>     users...but I've not yet heard if this is actually going to happen.
>>     FWIW, I ported my DIDs to Nuvio so that's where my incomming calls
>>     come from. I split my outgoing calls across Nuvio, Nufone & Voxee.
>>     Michael
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>>     *From:* Christopher Corn
>>     *Date:* Sun, 10 Sep 2006 17:20:37 -0700 (PDT)
>>     i see. thanks for the info.
>>     */broadbandvoice at comcast.net/* wrote: Its a trickish business, when
>>     they say unlimited and you make more than 2500 minutes they cut you off.
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>>     From: Christopher Corn <christopher_corn at yahoo.com>
>>     I spoke to a voip provider today who mentioned that though they
>>     offer an unlimited plan, if we use it for a business and it is
>>     over-utilized, it will be canceled.
>>     is this true for all residential voip plans? i have a small office
>>     of about 4 or 5 phones. i tend to chose residential plans because
>>     they have the unlimited offer for outgoing/incoming.
>>     thx
> Typically a business offering costs more because the provider offers
> higher availability, reliability, call quality, etc...

That's not true at all. I worked for a large telco for 20+ years (in all 
engineering disciplines), and the only reason business plans are more 
expensive then residential plans is that businesses generate more 
traffic. More traffic translates into more infrastructure costs (eg, 
central office equipment, trunks, etc).

Businesses and homes generally use cable pairs (or fiber) out of the 
same cable, use the same central office line cards, etc. There is no 
difference in terms of availability, reliability or call quality.

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