[asterisk-users] Zaptel-1.2.9 compile error

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Sep 10 13:43:44 MST 2006

Bill Maidment wrote:
> Rich Adamson wrote:
>> Bill Maidment wrote:
>>> Rich Adamson wrote:
>>>> Have you tried:
>>>>  cd /usr/src/zaptel
>>>>  make update
>>>>  make install
>> I've never used the tarball, however if the tarball is installed and 
>> the resulting code can't be "compiled", obviously there is a Makefile 
>> present. Part of the Makefile includes "update", so make update should 
>> work just fine (from whatever directory the source was installed into).
>> The make update will use the svn source which is the exact same source 
>> that was used to created the tarball in the first place.
>> So, yes it will work.
> No. It doesn't, because the .svn directory is not present and you get a 
> "Not under version control" message.

That's strange; how many people just responded with "that worked"?

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