[asterisk-users] Intel Based G.729 and SVN-trunk-r42453

Daniel Pocock daniel at readytechnology.co.uk
Sat Sep 9 10:23:37 MST 2006

Jason Lee wrote:

> Hi,
> I was testing the intel based G729 codec on SVN-trunk-r42453 following 
> the
> new instructions for compiling with SVN trunk and it in preliminary 
> tests it
> works ok for some calls but I found when one end of the call is an IVR or
> Music On Hold the sound gets all distorted and asterisk segfaults. You 
> can
> view the backtrace at http://pastebin.ca/165220
> Any assistance on this would be appreciated.
Have you compiled with debugging symbols instead of CPU optimization?

Can you type `bt' after the segfault, to give us some more detail?

How long into the call does this happen?

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