[asterisk-users] Dell Poweredge SC430 and Digium cards compatability enquiry

Gunnar Schaller linux at nowin.de
Sat Sep 9 09:33:55 MST 2006

Hello Matthew,
It depends on the chipset on the mainboard. I had problems with a
SC1420, the only way to solve it was to get a new server (without
Intel chipset). So don't try a chipset which is listed on the Digium
compatibility site.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006, 8:55:58 AM, you wrote:

> We're looking at using a number of Dell Poweredge SC430 servers as  
> Asterisk hosts in our smaller overseas offices with Digium cards in  
> to provide local breakout over the pre-existing analogue or digital  
> phone lines (One office uses ISDN2 the others analogue)

> I note that the SC420 is listed as incompatible but the SC430 appears  
> to be a slightly different beast in terms of chipset, the 430 has the  
> newer E7230 as opposed to the E7221 - does this make a difference to  
> compatibility?

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