[asterisk-users] Auto Dialer question

Tim St. Pierre tim at communicatefreely.net
Fri Sep 8 21:20:35 MST 2006

You need to make a cron job that runs a script that creates a spool file.

If you dump a file into /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ it will create a call 
based on the information within the file.  Do a search for asterisk spool 
outgoing for all the formats and examples.  I have used it and it works 
rather well.  


On September 8, 2006 22:39, Hall, Eric M. wrote:
> Hello group
>  I have a customer that has asked me to build an auto dialer that will
> call customer a few day before an appt and remind them of the time and
> date of the appt.
> Does anyone have any good links for apps that could do this type of auto
> calling? They also request that information be pulled from a database
> and be able to pull reports on who was called and if they call was
> picked up.
> Thanks for any help the group could give me!
> Eric

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