[asterisk-users] What don't I get about SIP?

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Fri Sep 8 11:33:01 MST 2006

I've been running into an issue with my Polycom 501 and Asterisk.
I realized, after much mucking around, that when I dial a number (and press
the send key) that is invalid , but could still match an Asterisk pattern
(example: I dial 567, which is not a valid extension, but my diaplan accepts
_567XXXX as a pattern) instead of sending the call as is and ultimately
failing, the phone is "intelligent enough" to sit and wait for extra digits
in case I meant to dial 567111.
Now thats a problem for me.  How can I make Asterisk (or the 501) treat the
attempted extension 567 as a valid try and let Asterisk handle the error
?(instead of the phone trying to do what it think is best and handling the
error on it's own).
Is there an Asterisk setting for that?
Failing that, is there a Polycom setting to disable this "intelligent" error
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