[asterisk-users] Re: Tracking the source of a disconnect?

Jamin W. Collins jcollins at asgardsrealm.net
Fri Sep 8 09:01:09 MST 2006

Tony Mountifield wrote:
> It looks like the PRI connection is going down first, and when that channel
> exits, it causes the SIP channel to be hung up. So concentrate on the PRI.

Yep, that's what I've seen so far.  Been trying to concentrate on the 
PRI, but not seeing any indication of what is triggering the actual 

> Try enabling intense PRI debugging "pri intense debug span N". You may want
> to direct the PRI debugging to a file with "pri set debug file filename".

I'll give the intense debugging a shot.

> It's not clear from the log you posted whether q931_hangup() was called
> because of a Q.931 message Asterisk received, or just because it decided to.
> Hopefully, the intense debug would make that clear.

In the log posted there's a 6 second gap prior to asterisk initiating 
the disconnect.

Sep  8 08:50:39 VERBOSE[14047] logger.c: Destroying call 
'49c52bf870e0f4754d45449a7adc2caf at'
Sep  8 08:50:55 VERBOSE[31079] logger.c: NEW_HANGUP DEBUG: Calling 
q931_hangup, ourstate Active, peerstate Connect Request

Doesn't this indicate that there was no inbound message on the PRI? 
Since the provided log section also indicates that pri debug (normal, 
not intense) was enabled?

Jamin W. Collins

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