[asterisk-users] How can I set CDR data in dialplan? Set(CDR(src)=foo)

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Fri Sep 8 06:36:19 MST 2006

Yet another question....I've been attempting to set CDR variables during my
exten => test,1,Set(CDR(ACCOUNTCODE)=${EXTEN}) ; works fine!
exten => test,2,Set(CDR(src)=${EXTEN}) ; gives me the following error:
Sep  8 09:23:53 ERROR[10269]: cdr.c:289 ast_cdr_setvar: Attempt to set a
read-only variable!.
NOW..It seem's like a very arbitrary thing to keep me from doing if I decide
I need to change it.  So I am assuming there is a way to bypass that, but
the wiki didn't help me much )or I couldn't find the appropriate info.)
Is there a workaround?  Or am I forced to use UserField, which is already
used for something else (and using the src field in CDR would really be
ideal for me)
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