[asterisk-users] Grandstream GX-2000, doesn't send calls to free lines

Zeeshan Zakaria zishanov at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 06:35:59 MST 2006

First call is answered by LINE1, but if this line is still busy and a second
call comes in, it doesn't go to LINE2, instead called listens asterisk
message, "all lines are busy, please leave your message after the tone". I
tried resetting phone to factory default setting too, but still it does the
same. Same extension if configured on X-TEN, it works with no problems for
all available free lines. Grandstream phone should go upto 11 lines and only
for 12th call should say that lines are busy.

What I need to configure in this Grandstream phone which I haven't figured
out yet. I've firmware

Zeeshan A Zakaria
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