[asterisk-users] Experiences, Tips on Voicemail storage using ODBC or IMAP?

Rushowr rushowr at phreaker.net
Fri Sep 8 00:19:04 MST 2006

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RR wrote:
> I am currently running this with UnixODBC -> FreeTDS -> MSSQL Server
> 2K ( please don't hate me for using an 'evil empire' product amongst
> the pure sanctity of open source :D). But the results are, well...So
> far so good. But I can't say much because the most i've tried is 4
> concurrent connections to the DB for users trying to access their
> voicemails but it does well. All I do is voicemail and conference so
> my extensions.conf is literally 20-30 lines. Would love to put a few
> hundred users come in to see what breaks first.
> Would also love to hear other people's experiences.
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Well RR, you may at least get to live vicariously... The implementation
I'm testing this for is ITSP level setup. Last ITSP I did work for was
running over 2K users on a box with averages of 200-250 concurrent calls
 at any given time and they only did end-user implementation. This
company I'm with now is doing reseller accounts and possibly wholesaling
at some point, and they have a fairly large group of customers who buy
other reseller products from them, so I'm confident we'll get stress
tested HARD. :-)

I'll do my best to post my experiences either on the list or online.

Personally I'd like to see more information on the IMAP setups, there's
little ODBC and even less IMAP implementation docs out there. I'm mildly
afraid to use the IMAP setup because I'm worried about the user setups,
but can't find anything on it

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