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Servetas, Andrew andrew.servetas at dirigosoft.com
Thu Sep 7 14:43:41 MST 2006

It did help some.  I first went to a value of 500, that had no effect.
Then I went to 2000 and we had no events for at least 3 days.  I then
went to 3000 and it got worse again.  So now I'm back to 2000, and we're
seemingly stable, but not completely rid of the events.

I will set up a monitor app to record voice traffic and find some
examples of it happening.  I will need to trim the audio clips, as we
wont want to have full conversations available because of privacy
reasons.  I will fond something ambiguous and appropriate for
distribution so we can try to debug this.

Also, I went into logger.conf and enabled DTMF in the console log.  When
this happens, I DO see a DTMF event in the middle of conversations when
no keys are pressed.  I will post examples of them here:

Sep  7 17:11:51 DTMF[26078]: channel.c:2298 ast_write: SIP/213-67f7 : A

Sep  7 17:13:25 DTMF[26078]: channel.c:2298 ast_write: SIP/213-67f7 : 1

Sep  7 17:15:56 DTMF[26078]: channel.c:2298 ast_write: SIP/213-67f7 : 5

As you can see by the timestamps, they happen randomly throughout some


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But does it help ? Is it better than before ?
Do you have a good way of debugging ? (like an audio recording that i 
could play ?)
Does it show something on the cli when it happens ?


Servetas, Andrew wrote:

> They recommended changing the default value of 1000 up or down 
> incrementally until it works better. We're currently at 2000, and 
> we're still not completely free of events.

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