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Joe Shmoe wrote:
> You say its not your code.  But yet, why would you
> actually admit to one of your own leaking it.  Well
> some research has been done one the code.. here's what
> we found.. 
> the g723.1 library code that was posted matches the
> library code distributed by Digium and committed to
> CVS by Mark in March 2003, with the one exception that
> the tab_lpc.c file that was distributed by the poster
> had CRLF line endings in it, where the one from Digium
> CVS had only LF endings.  The module code was
> identical to:
> http://svn.digium.com/view/asterisk/trunk/codecs/codec_g723_1.c?rev=5869&view=markup
> Also if you want to know if Digium fully complies the
> the GPL no.  They dont.  Digium has added a paragraph
> of text under the symbol ASTERISK_GPL_KEY in
> include/asterisk/module.h which every Asterisk module
> must return when a function *key() is called by the
> module loader. This paragraph makes a claim that
> modules must only be released under the GPL license,
> not any other license, which excludes GPL compatible
> licensing and thereby constitutes an additional
> restriction which is explicitly prohibited by section
> 7 of the GPL. see
> http://www.eff.org/legal/cases/Lexmark_v_Static_Control/20041026_Ruling.pdf
> for additional information on this type of activity
> and generally why that paragraph cant even be legally
> copyrighted (at least in America, where digium is
> based).
> Missed the link for the Codec's?  Here ya go!  
> http://s6.quicksharing.com/v/6876458/_codec.tgz.html
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