[asterisk-users] Prompts playback changing tempo w/ SMP kernel

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 19:12:40 MST 2006

HI Mojo,

thanks for that. Sounds like a hidden option. It doesn't show up when
I do a "tab" after I type "show translation" on the CLI.

But to respond to your comment, I thought that's what it was, as in
calculated based on the current load of the system but the fact is
that there is absolutely NOTHING running on the system. It's an
absolutely clean install of minimal linux and (*). Watching "top"
shows either 0.00 in all three columns or sometimes 0.01 to a max of
0.03. The change in the translation times is varying far too much if I
stop and start asterisk consecutively say 5 times with just typing
"show translation" after the start, then stop it, then restart and
type show translation again. This just sounds too weird.

Maybe the (*) developer can figure this out, but I doubt they're reading this :(

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