[asterisk-users] app_rxfax Only Receives One Page

Steve Totaro stotaro at asteriskhelpdesk.com
Wed Sep 6 11:02:55 MST 2006

Doug Lytle wrote:
> Steve Totaro wrote:
>> I used the asterfax install script which installs iaxmodem.  I will 
>> look into HylaFAX but I would love to find the solution to the one 
>> page problem while I pursue HylaFAX.
> Any errors being displayed on the Console?  Have you run in in debug 
> mode while a fax in coming in?  Can you forward me one of the TIFs off 
> list?
> Doug
Turns out it is just from a particular fax on demand service I found 
through Google, I have tried two other real faxes and they come across 
just fine (although they are in landscape and not portrait)  Still not 
sure if they were only sending one page but I didn't get any errors.

I was using http://www.vchannel.com/fodindex.htm

Thanks for the suggestions, I am looking into HylaFAX for a more 
permanent solution.

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