[asterisk-users] Budgetones - multiple phones losing IP addressduring day

Harden, Bob Bob.Harden at admin.citynet.net
Wed Sep 6 09:02:02 MST 2006

Its running now


tethereal -f "host and icmp"

Capturing on eth0




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This may be a silly question, but are you running the latest firmware on
the phones from Grandstream? If not, try upgrading one phone to see if
it helps solve the problem.


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On Sep 6, 2006, at 3:21 AM, Garth van Sittert wrote:

Hi All


I have a site with 50 Budgetone 102's and about 5 snom phones.


At random intervals during the day about 20 or 30 of the Budgetones lose
their connection to the network all at the same time.  It happens about
once a day.  The Snom phones are fine and never get disconnected.  I
can't ping the Budgetones IP's and the way to fix them is to simply
unplug and reconnect.  Nothing interesting shows up in the logs even in
debug mode except for the 'Peer XXX is now unreachable' repeated for
each extension.


I haven't had much experience with the Budgetones.  Does anyone have any
idea what could be causing this?






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