[asterisk-users] Asterisk video support

Joao Pereira joao.pereira at fccn.pt
Wed Sep 6 06:51:22 MST 2006

Hello to all
I used SER for SIP calls with video, but now Im trying the same in 
Asterisk and It doesnt work.
I m using X-Lite 3.0 (the same that worked with SER).
Do Asterisk needs any special configuration to allow SIP calls with 
video between its clients?

Joao Pereira

> Asterisk's support for video over SIP is very rudimentary. Only to 
> video codecs H.261, H.263, and H.263+ are supported, and even then, 
> not very well. There is no support for dynamic negotiation of frame 
> rates, etc. Queries to the -dev list, as to progress on these features 
> were recently met with silence. We will be looking to jump into the 
> project to support our own initiatives in the area of video in a few 
> weeks.
> Until things change, your best bet for connecting SIP video phones is 
> SER.

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