[asterisk-users] How to test TE405P T1

Garth van Sittert garth at bitco.co.za
Wed Sep 6 05:23:01 MST 2006

Andy Chung (Power-All) wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have connected a T1IDA-P to the Digium TE405P. Checked with the 
> Telco, and confirmed the T1 is up and connected. However, I have no 
> idea how to test the T1 is really work, because the Asterisk server 
> not yet be configure. Anyone has the method on how to test the calls 
> through the T1?
> Thanks!
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Hi Andy

Asterisk does part of the processing for the Digium cards (that's why 
they are so cheap) so you cannot test the PRI without getting asterisk 
up and running.  The zaptel drivers will get Layer 1 and I think Layer 2 
up, but Asterisk is needed for more than this.

Kind Regards

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