[asterisk-users] Merlin Legend - Working Now!

Steve Totaro stotaro at totarotechnologies.com
Tue Sep 5 18:00:44 MST 2006

I took a different approach with a Definity system and put asterisk 
between the Definity and the telco.  For my setup I had to create a 
trunk group and a route then tell the Definity to pattern match and use 
that new route, it is called ARS Analysis or something obscure. 

In your setup, you would need to look for trunk to trunk transfer 
options or something similar.  I have only worked with a Merlin Legend a 
couple of times and didn't get that involved with it. 

Thanks for reminding me to document my efforts with the Definity, there 
is some stuff on Google but nothing close to a step by step how-to.


Sterling Moses wrote:
> Hello List,
> I was able to track down my issues with the PRI from a few weeks back. 
> Turns out the legend switch had a Terminal Equipment ID of 2 and was 
> supposed to be a 0. Go figure. This was keeping the D-Channel from 
> coming up although the rest of the B-Channels were up.  It was very 
> easy to configure the legend and the asterisk system to talk both ways 
> once we figured out the PRI hang up.
>  I am in the process of writing up a wiki page for the user community 
> on how to accomplish a legend to asterisk integration from start to 
> finish and have one more issue to solve, so this is where all you 
> legend gurus come in to play.
> The system is laid out with Telco PRI connected to Legend which 
> connects via PRI to Asterisk. Calls are working both directions across 
> the legend<->asterisk pri.
> How can the Legend switch be programmed to provide an outside trunk 
> (via the telco pri) to the asterisk server when an asterisk based 
> employee attempts an outside call?
> We want an employee to pick up an asterisk line and dial outside the 
> company.
> --Sterling.
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