[asterisk-users] Catch an event

Olivier Saulnier steganux at steganux.com
Tue Sep 5 12:56:57 MST 2006


I would like for some reasons, catch the ring event since Asterisk, in 
real-time. Is this information record in a database? How can I read it, 
I either think to catch the information by a little shell script as:
asterisk -r |tail -1|grep ring|awk ...  and redirect the internal number 
to an application fir process?
Do you see a best way to do that??

The reason of this exercise is simply that i develop a softphone with an 
iax dll, but we use the french language "Windev". All functions are OK, 
except sounds functions, as ring or dialling tone...
So, i try to get some solutions...

Best regards,

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