[asterisk-users] includes in realtime ??

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 09:05:40 MST 2006

I use rtcachefriends=yes and any changes I make in my database become
effective immediately along with also getting the MWI functionality.
Even though what you say makes sense. Go figure!

Ben, yeah if it shows it's loaded then it's there for sure. Sorry I
asked for it as in your module listing there wasn't any of these
modules. I'm at the end of the rope on troubleshooting your issue.
Maybe more detail is needed. Esp when you're saying that your sip.conf
general section has just two entries. Where's the rest of it, not that
a lot needs to necessarily be there if you're not doing anything too
tricky. But I would go with removing the rtcache command from the
sip.conf file and try and get realtime working in realtime, if that
doesn't sound too whacked, just in case it's working off of some
cached data, which is why your old codec selection seems to still work
even after you change it.

Have you looked in your asterisk log file (full) to see if its
complaining about errors when you do a realtime load command?  The
only time my realtime load comes back empty is when it's got a
permission problem of some sort on the DB side and one time it
happened because of some delay that was introduced coz of some heavy
logging or something, don't quite remember it.

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