[asterisk-users] includes in realtime ??

Benjamin Jacob benjamin.jacob at masconit.com
Tue Sep 5 02:22:46 MST 2006

If it shows in the show modules command, it means, the module is loaded, 
If yes,

^CLI>show modules like app_re
Module                         Description                              
Use Count
app_realtime.so                Realtime Data Lookup/Rewrite             0
app_readfile.so                Stores output of file into a variable    0
app_record.so                  Trivial Record Application               0
app_read.so                    Read Variable Application                0
4 modules loaded

*CLI> show modules like pbx_realtime.so
Module                         Description                              
Use Count
pbx_realtime.so                Realtime Switch                          1
1 modules loaded


RR wrote:

> Assuming you have the tables as named int he extconfig.conf as well as
> the database astDB, how about enabling the module app_realtime.so?
> Also, if you're using mysql, I don't think you need res_odbc,
> res_config_odbc. Instead try turning on app_realtime.so and
> pbx_realtime.so and see how you go :)
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