[asterisk-users] File structure question

Jay Moore jaymoore at accu-com.com
Mon Sep 4 21:02:04 MST 2006

Peter Bowyer wrote:
> On 04/09/06, Jay Moore <jaymoore at accu-com.com> wrote:
>> Marco: Ah I see.  There's a [general] context.  I'm pretty new to this
>> Asterisk stuff and I didn't realize there was a general context that you
>> could do things like global includes.  Thanks, I'll give it a shot when
>> I'm back in the office on Tuesday.
>> Peter:  No need to be an ass about it, pal.  Not all of us are as adept
>> at this as you are.
> You've still not got it. #include is a general text include - can be
> used anywhere. Well, perhaps it has to be at the start of a line.
> Contexts, not even the [general] section which isn't actually a
> context, has any relevance. It will insert the contents of the
> included file as though it was in the main file, wherever you put it.
> You could put the whole of the sip.conf file in an #include'd file.
> The whole of one context. One and a half contexts. 2 lines out of the
> [general] section. And so on.
> All of which, to repeat, could be experienced with a small investment
> of your time. It really does pay to experiment with the simple things,
> you find your learning curve is so much flatter than if you ask
> questions in a vacuum.
> Peter

Perhaps if answering the simple things politely is too difficult for 
you, you'd be better off not answering at all.  Someday, I hope, you'll 
find that 'simple' is a relative term.


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