[asterisk-users] Prompts playback changing tempo w/ SMP kernel

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 01:20:01 MST 2006

Hi all, (2nd attempt)

this is probably a weird question and something I'm not doing right
but I got this bizarre thing going on here. When I boot the system
with the SMP kernel and compile (*) with the smp kernel source
(actually even if I don't compile, but as long as I boot into the SMP
kernel), I get this problem where calling into the system, say to
check my voicemail, the prompt playback continously changes tempo. The
prompts are played in slow-motion, and then it speeds up to its normal
speed, then goes back in slow-mo and so on. It happens (I think) at
constant periods. Only the tempo changes, not the pitch of the prompt.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? I have watched
"top"constantly but haven't noticed anything bizarre in terms of CPU
or Mem usage. This is on a 100mbps LAN with nothing much else on it.
And it only happens when it's booted into the smp kernel. So it's
something to do with smp, thread scheduling, or some buffer BUT I
don't know what exactly.

All you champs out there, esp. the asterisk-dev people, any light you
can shed on this?

Thanks much

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