[asterisk-users] SIPP problem

Diego Quintana Cruz diegoquintana at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 11:47:41 MST 2006

> For the record, we use a very similar test environment for Asterisk on
> the Blackfin:
> * Astersik 1.0.11 (latest Rapid stable debs)
>   - or 1.2.9/1.2.10 from our "unstable debs"
> * Diego does most of the job ;-)
> Anyway, I suggest that you re-read that page. You basically need to
> alightly eit the supplied sip.conf to match your settings, and also play
> a bit with sipp (package sip-tester on Debian).

Yes, it was my mistake, i create the extension with the context
from-internal and everything went fine, now I'm having another
problem, which is that I'm calling the echo-test extension, but
asterisk hangs me 30 seconds later because sipp is not sending any RTP

Any ideas on how to fix this. The demo context which is mentioned in
[1] doesn't work.

[1] http://www.rowetel.com/ucasterisk/ucasterisk.html

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