[asterisk-users] UK (BT) Problem with TDM 400P

Mark Muffett mark.muffett at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 08:21:27 MST 2006


Thanks.  I've just tried what you suggested and get EXACTLY the same -
very quiet dialtone on a noisy line, then the screamer.

I suppose it must be a dodgy FXO module.

Thanks again,


On 03/09/06, Nick Chalk <nick at linuxetc.co.uk> wrote:
> Mark Muffett <mark.muffett at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm trying to get my TDM400P to work with a BT
> > POT line.
> ....
> > when I connect the FXO unit to the BT line it
> > just makes it (the BT line) go permanently
> > engaged.
> ....
> > has anyone ever managed to get a TDM400P to work
> > with a BT line and did they have any of these
> > issues?
> Yes, I had a test system with a TDM400P and two
> FXO modules terminating two BT Featureline Compact
> lines.
> However, "had" is the operative word.
> One of the two FXO modules is now holding the line
> permanently off-hook - even when the system is
> powered down. The other module is fine, and the
> drivers don't see anything wrong with either
> module.
> My suspicion is that the one module is dead. I
> haven't had a chance to pull out the machine and
> play with it, though.
> To see if you have a similar problem, connect a
> phone in parallel with the FXO module. Unplug the
> module from the line, and check that you get a
> dial tone with the handset. Hang up, and plug the
> FXO back in. Then lift the handset again - I get a
> noisy line with a very quiet dial tone. If you
> wait long enough, the dial tone will stop and
> you'll hear the screamer, again very quiet.
> I've no idea what caused our fault. I don't know
> of any storms before the failure, and all the
> other connected equipment is fine.
> Nick.
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