[asterisk-users] UK (BT) Problem with TDM 400P

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Sep 3 07:26:48 MST 2006

Mark Muffett wrote:
> I'm trying to get my TDM400P to work with a BT POT line.  I've done
> everything I can think of to get the uk settings right (in
> zapata.conf, zaptel.conf and options for the wctdm driver) - and they
> all look right (ie uk like) and look like they are working when I try
> diagnostics with lspci, dsmsg, asterisk -c etc - but when I connect
> the FXO unit to the BT line it just makes it (the BT line) go
> permanently engaged.  I'm tearing my hair out and about to chuck it
> all in the bin, but before I do, has anyone ever managed to get a
> TDM400P to work with a BT line and did they have any of these issues?
> Thanks for any help

Bad fxo module?

Call digium support and let them help diagnose the problem. Also, the 
E/F revision is rather old; current is more like rev J.

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