[asterisk-users] Re: [asterisk-dev] G729 Replacement Codec - FREE or may ne cheaper than existing one.

Remco Barendse asterisk at barendse.to
Sun Sep 3 01:42:44 MST 2006

> On 9/2/06, Daniel Pocock <daniel at readytechnology.co.uk> wrote:
> >
> >
> > http://www.readytechnology.co.uk/open/ipp-codecs
> >
> > Asterisk 1.2 support coming shortly.

Asterisk 1.2 support?  I'm using your codecs ever since 1.2 was released? 
Even though Asterisk always complains about modules being present that may 
be incompatible with Asterisk 1.2 after doing make install everything 
seems to work fine?

What will be new / different for the codecs with 1.2 support?  (Maybe it 
would be even better to work on 1.4 support since that will be out soon 
and skip 1.2 as a whole?)

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