[asterisk-users] Asterisk & Linksys PAP2 ATA

Nick Ellson grimm at nickellson.com
Sat Sep 2 20:05:54 MST 2006

Hi Tim,

The dial plan trick worked great. Added |40[01]x| to my plan and 4000-4019 
connect instantly from the PAP2 :) Added it to my X-Lite as well, and 
worked there too.


Nick Ellson
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On Sat, 2 Sep 2006, Tim St. Pierre wrote:

> You have to set in in the PAP2.  When using SIP, it has to send an invite with
> the number it wants to be connected to.  The Sipura has to know a complete
> number to send - it can't send it in pieces.  You need to make the dialplan
> in the Sipura match what you have programmed in Asterisk.
> Ie. My extensions are 51XX, and 52XX, so in the Sipura dialplan, I added
> 5[12]XX - this will match any of my extensions, and complete the call.  This
> can be a problem if you use direct 10 digit dialing, and dial to an area code
> beginning with 51 or 52.  You could get around this (if it's a likely issue)
> by prefixing a 9 to the 10 digit patterns, or inserting a . (I think) to make
> it wait for another digit.
> -Tim
> On September 2, 2006 20:43, Nick Ellson wrote:
>> Hey Bob,
>> Just tested the PAP2, yes a # sends right away.
>> I am looking for why, still new at the dial plan stuff.. this is the
>> default..  Should I be looking for a way to have the PAP2 NOT deal with
>> dialing and let Asterisk handle it?
>> (*xx|[3469]11|0|00|[2-9]xxxxxx|1xxx[2-9]xxxxxxS0|xxxxxxxxxxxx.)
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