[asterisk-users] How to send correct Caller ID on PRI

Tim St. Pierre tim at communicatefreely.net
Sat Sep 2 17:41:20 MST 2006

Somewhere in your outbound routing section of the dialplan, you need to have 
this line:

Personally, I like to set a variable in sip.conf, perhaps PSTNCALLERID, that I 
use in the above line.  That way I can set PSTN caller ID numbers on a per 
extension basis.

On September 2, 2006 18:58, Zeeshan Zakaria wrote:
> Hi,
> While dialing calls form my client's office, where I was working, the
> caller ID goes as the extension number of the phone from where caller is
> calling. I tried to playaround with config files, also changed info in
> their
> Grandstream GX-2000 phones, but to no avail. What am I missing here and how
> to take control of the outgoing caller IDs?
> Thanks

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