[asterisk-users] Re: Adit 3104 randomly reboot

Jerry Jones jjones at danrj.com
Fri Sep 1 06:49:45 MST 2006

We used some way back (a year ago) when they first came out. Had  
several issues which they were very helpful in working with us on.  
They resolved many, had to upgrade and load patches. Unfortunately  
they were lacking a couple features we required so they have been  

Give tech support a call, they will help.

On Sep 1, 2006, at 1:04 AM, Martin Joseph wrote:

> On 2006-08-31 19:12:03 -0700, Xue Liangliang  
> <xueliangliang at gmail.com> said:
>> Hi, all.
>> I have a Adit 3104, and I configured  it to work with Asterisk,  
>> the voice quality is quite good, however it just randomly restart,  
>> I don't know whether you guys have the same experience, is it due  
>> the firmware bug?
> I don't know that hardware at all, but it kind of sounds like a  
> hardware issue (ie power supply?).
> Just guessing.
> Marty
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