[asterisk-users] Sipura 3000 and Asterisk

Francisco Seratti seratti at sunesys.com.ar
Fri Sep 1 08:44:09 MST 2006

Hi pals, im trying to save some money in cellphones calls, so i bought a 
GSM gateway and a Sipura SPA3000 gateway.
The GSM gw is currently working, and now im trying to configure the SPA, 
but every call i send, i get a 503 service unavailable.
Im using this extension to match cell calls and sendthem to the spa:

exten => _15.,1,Dial(SIP/300/${EXTEN})   ; cellphones are 15xxxxxxxx and 
300 is the spa3000 extension, registered OK
exten => _15.,2,Hangup

In the dialplan section of the sipura, i ve tried many different options 
like xx.<:@gw0>, (xx.) and many others.
I cannot find a formal configuration doc for this device, so if you 
giveme a hand to configure it or tellme where to start, or where
is the problem i would be very pleased.

Thanks in advance
Francisco Seratti
Sunesys Telecomunicaciones
Bouchard 644. 5to A. Puerto Madero
seratti at sunesys.com.ar <mailto:seratti at sunesys.com.ar>
Tel: (54) 011- 4311-9009 (Rotativas)
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