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Tue Sep 5 14:32:44 MST 2006

physical interface level but appropriate drivers have not yet been coded.
Mark Spencer is very aware of the community's demand for international CLI;
I suspect that it's a case of ever growing demand for new functionality
verses finite implementation/support resources (both financial and human).
If we can obtain the ProSlic technical interface details does someone fancy
a spot of coding in return for a bounty...?

On the subject of line reversal detection I know of a major manufacturer
whose LLU products were recently rejected by a UK Telco for failure to
support this feature on V5 Access Network muxes. There were a number of
problems with automatic telephony equipment (E.g.. subscriber's own (CPE)
telephone answering machines) that could not detect the end of the call. One
of the strengths of the PSTN is the backward compatibility that has been
maintained (including physical standards like voltages as well as higher
protocols) for more than 100 years. I would like to echo an earlier poster's
comments about the necessity to maintain compatibility with the earlier
electro-mechanical standards for as long as we can.

Just my 2ds...


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On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 00:11, David J Carter wrote:
> Mark J Elkins wrote
> >Um - Digium wants you to buy their hardware - but there is a CLID
> >issue.. would it not make more financial sense to insert a dumb ISDN
> >card (or two), and upgrade your PSTN to ISDN??? Would this not "assist"
> >Digium in making sure CLID worked in the UK???
> Isn't this a bit like cutting of the nose to spite the face.
> UK PSTN lines costs £30 /Qtr  UK ISDN costs £65 /qtr, you could buy two
> X100P's every year and still be in pocket by staying with PSTN.

ISDN BRI is two lines - so that makes it £2.50 more per line ???? - or
£10 a year..?? no need to purchase the BT50 (a caller-ID unit? - at what
cost? you need one per line? and an RS232 interface per unit?)

> There was a post on the list in the not to distant past where someone had
> written two small scripts for getting the information from a BT50 and a
> serial modification and passing it to asterisk.
> Still seems the best way in the interim.
> As has been said many times in the list Digium have given us this
> we don't have to give them a hard time in return. Not a fair payback.

True - the software is excellent. If they sold an ISDN BRI 4-port card
(like Fritz) - I'd buy it from them.
No intentions of bad mouthing Digium... but USA != World

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